At i1 Future , our team embodies a unique blend of youthful innovation and deep-rooted expertise, creating a dynamic force in the pursuit of a sustainable world. Our diverse group of professionals is united by a shared vision: to forge a future where progress and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. This commitment is evident in every project we undertake, as we integrate cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices. Our team's creativity is not just about finding new solutions; it's about reimagining the possibilities for a healthier planet.

Inclusivity and cultural diversity are at the heart of our ethos at i1 Future. We believe that a range of perspectives not only enriches our work environment but also drives more holistic and innovative approaches to sustainability. Our team members come from various backgrounds, bringing with them unique insights and experiences that shape our projects. This diversity fuels our creativity and helps us design solutions that are not only effective but also culturally sensitive and globally relevant. We're not just building a sustainable future; we're building one that respects and celebrates the rich tapestry of human cultures.



Isac Goulart
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Achille Nicosia
Partner & Investor Relations European Union
Dhiego W Bittencourt
Partner & Investor Relations South America
Marcos Lingner
Partner & Technology Manager
Seyed Mehdi Tork
Partner & Artificial Intelligence Scientist
Jonatan Bussler
Partner & Product manager
Lucas Andrade
Partner & Electric Engineer



Joining i1 Future means becoming part of a movement that values both humanity and nature. We're dedicated to creating a world where both can flourish together, a vision that guides every decision we make. Our projects are more than just assignments; they are stepping stones towards a vibrant, sustainable tomorrow. As a team, we are constantly exploring new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and inviting others to join us in this exciting journey. At i1 Future, we're not just imagining a better world; we're actively working to make it a reality.

Isac Goulart

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Isac Goulart, the visionary behind i1 Future, founded the company in 2023 with a clear goal: to advance the world’s shift towards carbon neutrality. This venture was a significant leap in a journey that began twenty years prior in the Brazilian entertainment industry. In a pivotal 2015 decision, Isac sold stake in the company to delve into the electric vehicle realm, co-founding Fly Free Smart Motorcycles. This venture focused on crafting vintage-style electric motorcycles, experiences from which not only sparked inspiration but also set the groundwork for i1 Future’s innovative approaches.

Deeply committed to an electron-powered future, Isac believes such a direction is vital for safeguarding our planet for future generations. As i1 Future’s leader, he played a pivotal role in the development of the Cybrform technology in 2021, a platform that underpins i1 Future’s product range and strategies aimed at transforming the light electric vehicle industry. His leadership is marked by the creation of a diverse, dynamic team, driven by a collective ambition to address complex challenges. This culture fosters boldness, creativity, and teamwork.

i1 Future, guided by Strategic Vision, focuses on creating a variety of products, including light electric vehicles, electric platforms, and charging solutions for vehicles with two, three, and four wheels, targeting both personal and commercial users.

With academic background in Electronic Technology from Unisul University and his early business endeavors were instrumental in shaping his perspectives on business strategy, marketing, and innovation.

Achille Nicosia

Partner & Investor relations in European Union

Achille Nicosia is a distinguished Partner at i1 Future, where he is instrumental in developing investor relations and pioneering new business initiatives throughout the European Union. His role is crucial in amplifying the company’s footprint in the region, notably through the creation of new dealerships and securing fresh investments.

Boasting over thirty years of experience in business development, Achille’s proficiency is both robust and inventive. He has earned extensive international exposure across various sectors including national & international broadcasting, commercial TV, wireless & fixed telecommunications, IT software , energy & utilities, retail, financial services.

Renowned for his entrepreneurial flair, Achille’s comprehensive expertise and profound understanding of the European market are pivotal to i1 Future’s growth and prosperity in this territory. His contributions are key to cementing the company’s position as a leader in its field within the European Union.

Dhiego W Bitencourt

Partner & Investor relations in South America

Dhiego, as a Partner at i1 Future, plays a pivotal role in fostering investor relationships and spearheading new business ventures across Latin America. He is instrumental in expanding the company’s presence in the region through the establishment of new dealerships and attracting fresh investment.

With over two decades of experience in the Brazilian market, Dhiego has a proven track record in the automotive sector. He has successfully built a network of stores, demonstrating his prowess in business management and development. His expertise extends to initiating and nurturing new business opportunities for i1 Future in South America, ensuring the company’s growth and expansion in the region.

Furthermore, Dhiego is recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, having co-founded Fly Free Smart Motorcycles, an innovative venture in the electric vehicle space. His multifaceted experience and deep understanding of the South American market make him an invaluable asset to i1 Future’s expansion and success in the region.

Marcos Lingner

Partner & Technology manager

Marcos Lignner, as a Partner and Technology Manager at i1 Future, is at the forefront of leading both internal and external technology teams. His efforts are pivotal in cultivating a cohesive and integrated digital landscape within the organization.

At the helm of developing a vertically integrated software stack, Marcos’s role is central to i1 Future’s innovation trajectory. His expertise spans across software development and marketing, providing him with a comprehensive perspective of the company’s entire structure. This wide-ranging insight enables him and his team to implement various cutting-edge technologies effectively. He is responsible for overseeing the development of i1 Future’s network architecture, ensuring robust security measures, and managing data analytics, battery management systems, and vehicle controls. These components are critical in making i1 Future’s cloud electric vehicles intelligent, secure, and user-friendly.

Since joining the company, Marcos has been instrumental in assembling and guiding a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team. This team is dedicated to the ambitious and unique challenge of creating new vehicles from the ground up, showcasing Marcos’s leadership in navigating complex technological landscapes.

Seyed Mehdi Tork Larki

Partner & Manager AI and Autonomy

Seyed is a distinguished professional at the forefront of artificial intelligence and autonomous technology. With an impressive educational background encompassing a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Engineering from The University of Adelaide, a specialization in Automotive Vehicle Development from Flinders University, and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Seyed brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at i1 Future.

In his position, Seyed is responsible for spearheading innovative strategies and technical solutions in the realm of machine learning and computer vision systems. His extensive background in mechanical and artificial intelligence provides a strong foundation for his current focus on AI and autonomy. This unique combination of skills and experience enables him to offer exceptional operational and analytical support to the organization.

Seyed’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of areas, including but not limited to data analysis, kinematics, dynamics, finite element analysis, locomotion, optimization, motion planning, and control problems. He is particularly adept in the field of mobile robotics and autonomous systems, where he applies his knowledge to solve complex challenges.

His academic and professional journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to advancing the boundaries of AI and autonomy. Seyed’s role at i1 Future is not just as a specialist but as a visionary leader, driving the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies in an ever-evolving landscape.

Jonathan Bussler

Partner & Product manager

Jonatan Bussler, an accomplished Partner and Product Manager at i1 Future, with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in the realms of consumer products and civil engineering. Jonatan is dedicated to providing an impeccable and unified experience for i1 Future’s discerning clientele.

With a deft touch, Jonatan adeptly oversees a diverse portfolio of projects, including the realms of light and consumer electric vehicles, alongside cutting-edge charging and power technologies. His proficiency in technical engineering serves as the linchpin for the success of these ventures.

Jonatan holds notable expertise in the energy sector, with a particular emphasis on critical areas such as substations and photovoltaic parks, specializing in medium voltage applications. Renowned for his outstanding communication skills, Jonatan effortlessly navigates a spectrum of inquiries with a personable and detail-oriented approach. His commitment to maintaining the highest standards is evident in his comprehensive understanding of current health and safety regulations, ensuring meticulous compliance across all projects.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jonatan has consistently pursued innovative solutions to intricate engineering challenges. His academic journey boasts Technician in Mechanical and bachelor in Civil Engineering from Unijui University, underscoring his robust academic foundation in the field.

Lucas Andrade

Partner & Electric Engineer

Lucas Andrade is a distinguished Partner and Electrical Engineer at i1 Future, boasting over a decade of diverse experience in various domains. At the core, Lucas is driven by efficiency and excellence in every project. His expertise extends to robotics, microprocessor technology, PLC programming, and electrical engineering, underpinned by dual bachelor’s degrees in engineering.

Lucas is renowned for his commitment to delivering flawless and cohesive experiences at i1 Future. He is a multifaceted professional, adept in a range of fields including health and safety, SixSigma, and environmental management. His primary focus lies in the electrical construction and wiring of electric vehicles (EVs), where he applies best industry practices and continuous improvement methodologies to ensure the high performance and reliability of the projects.