i1 Future is at the forefront of the electric revolution, with a EV Lineup that showcases a diverse array of offerings. From electric motorcycles that redefine mobility, to cutting-edge electric platforms and top-tier charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, our products encapsulate our vision for a greener tomorrow. We are deeply committed to leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable practices, ensuring a future that champions both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Cybrform, launched in 2021 by a team passionate about EV and technology, is a business-to-business (B2B) company revolutionizing motorcycle customization. We offer an integrated suite of advanced technologies including state-of-the-art electrical systems, powertrain technology, electric platform and sophisticated software solutions.

Our mission is to streamline and simplify the motorcycle customization process, which has traditionally been slow and uncertain in both timing and costs. Cybrform addresses these issues by offering a comprehensive, efficient solution.

Key to our approach is the integration of 3D design AI software and 3D printing technology with our electrical platforms. This combination drastically improves the customization process, reducing the time taken for projects from months to just a few days. This efficiency is a significant advantage for customization studios and emerging motorcycle brands, enabling them to complete projects faster, attract more clients, and expand their businesses. In essence, Cybrform provides a faster, more predictable, and cost-effective solution for motorcycle customization, making it an attractive option for businesses in this field.

i1 Future Motorcycles, founded in 2023, is at the forefront of the electric motorcycle market, uniquely blending futuristic design with high-tech advancements. Our brand is committed to leading innovation in motorcycle design, emphasizing both style and technology.

In the custom motorcycle industry, i1 Future Motorcycles is a trailblazer, establishing new standards and modernizing the field with our state-of-the-art technology. Our strategy enhances the efficiency of electric motorcycle development, streamlining the production process.

The company was initiated by a team driven by a commitment to sustainable transportation. Our experts excel in developing advanced technological solutions and electric platforms, differentiating us in the market. We specialize in customizing and manufacturing motorcycles that not only meet the demands of environmentally conscious customers but also appeal to those who value advanced, elegant design. Our aim is to provide eco-friendly transportation solutions without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

ON Powersports, established in 2023, embodies the perfect blend of eco-conscious practices and groundbreaking technology in the realm of powersports. As a leading force in the electric vehicle industry, our brand is dedicated to spearheading the evolution of electric off-road vehicles. Our range includes state-of-the-art E-Motocross, E-Enduro, E-Rally, E-Supermoto, E-ATV, and E-UTV models.

As a trailblazer in the electric off-road motorcycle market, ON sets unprecedented standards and revolutionizes the sector with our advanced technological innovations.

The inception of our company was driven by a team passionately committed to eco-friendly transportation. Our professionals excel in crafting sophisticated technological solutions and electric platforms, setting us apart in the competitive landscape. We focus on creating electric vehicles that are not only lightweight but also cater to the needs of those who prioritize environmental sustainability, sleek design, and high performance. Our mission is to offer transport solutions that are kind to the environment, without sacrificing style or power.

i1 Future Energy is a brand dedicated to developing infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV). Our focus is on creating specialized charging stations and custom services for both electric cars charging station and electric motorcycle battery-swapping. This initiative complements our existing electric vehicle and motorcycle products, while also presenting valuable additional sales opportunities for our dealers.

We are leading the way in sustainable transportation infrastructure with our advanced electric vehicle solutions. Our offerings include fast charging stations for electric cars, cutting-edge battery swapping stations for motorcycles and services. Our aim goes beyond merely providing charging solutions; we are committed to advancing a future of cleaner and more efficient transportation.
i1 Future Energy is not just about providing power to vehicles; we are actively contributing to a sustainable and innovative future, benefiting both the global community and the environment.



As we pave the way for a brighter, greener future, we're actively seeking partners in our journey. Whether you align with our vision as an investor, potential customer, or wish to spearhead an i1 Future Dealership, your collaboration could